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What’s it’s like to lose to R2-EQ

First let me introduce myself. I go by Vuud on the Forums and am from Ottawa/Gatineau. I have been playing X-Wing since it was released back in 2012. When wave 2 came out, I won my first tournament at a Kessel Run event. I then played in the 2013 Regionals which were being held in Montreal. A big total of 6 players showed up! I finished second running dual HLC Firesprays along with Howlrunner. Then I didn’t play until Gen Con 2013. Even though I played like a newb I made it to the Top 4 using the same outdated squad from Regionals. At that time, there was not much of a community here in Ottawa/Gatineau. With the help of Jeffrey Dunford (whom I traveled with to Gen Con), Erik Pichette and Jean Latreille, we started a series of tournaments we called Trench Runs using the Wave 3 ships we brought back from Gen Con as prizes. Our community was kickstarted in style! Continue reading What’s it’s like to lose to R2-EQ


Canadian Nationals: Sinister 6’s Arvels Reckoning

I know I know, Nationals happened like, a  year ago but I finally found some time to make a write up. Also I think my tale of Arvel at Nationals is a pretty intense and interesting tale. So to give a brief history of my gaming life, I started playing X-wing competitively at the beginning on 2014. My first tournament was St. Catherine’s store championship at Phoenix Rising. Going 3 -1 there and having such a great experience in the competitive scene I ended up going to every tournament and regional I could attend. Since I was doing decent in all of them I was really looking forward to Nationals. But I had no clue what I wanted to run. So I went to the drawing board and looked at what I thought would be different than the meta, would work within the meta and put a smile on all my opponents faces when they saw my list.

*My Apologies if this post takes a year to read.*

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The Big Bruiser & Little Weasel

I have to admit that the release of Wave 5 for X-Wing was not one that had me overly excited. Of course, trying out new ships is always a fun experience but I didn’t have any particular nostalgia for the Outrider or Decimator like I did for the TIE Interceptor or TIE Defender. It doesn’t help that the upcoming Scum and Villainy are among the most highly-anticipated ships and their being announced before Wave 5 was even released stole their thunder.

Once I got them in my hands, however, the possibilities that existed for the Decimator really intrigued me. Having a large-base ship for my beloved Imperials with a 360-degree primary firing arc was definitely attractive but the maneuver dial was particularly compelling:

The VT-49 Decimator’s red-free maneuver dial

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My First Team Epic Tournament (Nov 2014)

It was the perfect Saturday to play 7+ hours of X-Wing. I was on 3 hours sleep, recovering from a concert the night before in the passenger side of my friend’s car eating breakfast on the run. Bleary eyed and slightly hungover I had only played Epic once before. Yet, I wasn’t worried in the slightest – I had my coffee with me. We invented coffee to stay up all night and function the next day, right? Besides, I had one of the best players in Southern Ontario as my team captain, so if 70% of my brain showed up, we’d be fine.

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