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I won a thing

Bohan Li is an expert X-Wing player and our current National Champion. Please check out his X-Wing blog over here Space Owls where this article was first published. It is filled with very insightful articles about the game.

Wow. I’m the 2017 Canadian National Champion.

A day later, and it’s still hard to believe. I’ve gone 4-2 and missed the cut in all of my previous big tournaments. On top of that, all of my playoff games except the finals match came down to the last dice roll. More on that later.

I ran Kanan Biggs with Recon Specialist and Engine Upgrade on Kanan, R4-D6 on Biggs, and a 1-point bid. I’ve been running this on and off after getting destroyed by Jeff Bizzak at Wixom last year (I was the round 3 opponent). I’m a huge fan of Engine Upgrade on Kanan because it lets me avoid some awkward situations. I used to run it with R3-A2 (stressbot) like Jeff, but I swapped to R4-D6 and a bid to counter the alpha strikes and to give initiative against Lowhhrick-Biggs lists.

The meta seemed right for Kanan Biggs. The four TLT shots are strong against Nym and Miranda and bypasses Selflessness and Draw Their Fire in Biggs lists. Contracted Scouts are a tough matchup, but fewer of them run Boba Fett. Continue reading I won a thing


Star Wars X-Wing Worlds Battle Report


I didn’t find it easy coming up with a list to bring to Worlds as the meta had shifted ever since the newest errata came out. If you were an Imperial player like me, you “should fly” Defenders. I agree it makes sense, but I’m not one for playing a meta list. I’m also a dedicated Soontir Fel player, which often gets me ridiculed. Keeping with a favourite ship makes me believe that I’ll continue to have fun playing this game. Besides, Defenders are way too predictable and boring, I find.  Continue reading Star Wars X-Wing Worlds Battle Report


Will Manaroo Aces be a thing?

With Manaroo becoming more and more prominent in the meta, mostly with her part in the dangerous Dengaroo combo, and her similarities to the Palp shuttle, its seemed very possible that Manaroo with two Scum Aces would become a thing. As a fan both of Scum, and of Palp Aces, I’ve decided to do some theoretical work on this possibility.

Who we're talking about
Who we’re talking about

Continue reading Will Manaroo Aces be a thing?


I beat Dengaroo and so can YOU!

My first experience with Dengaroo was at the 401 Regionals in Toronto and already excellently chronicled here by SP3NC3R. I’m the guy who lost three TIEs in a round. Not my best moment, but I saw what was coming and just swung the elegant sledgehammer that is the TIE Swarm head on at it and just bounced. The rest of the game I just sat there in shock.

That was the first time I saw Dengaroo and the last time I’ve lost to it. Continue reading I beat Dengaroo and so can YOU!


TIE/sf – Where does it fit in?

Hey all, Drew “Wilee” Edgar here!

I tend to push the idea that every Imperial ship has a role to play, and that when a ship doesn’t fill a specific role clearly then there’s usually some sign of imbalance.  The TIE Advanced, before it had the X1 title, was one such example. Everything it brought to the table something else could do better.

While the First Order ships are minor deviants to this theory, they still do fulfill a given combat role and are spiritual equivalents.  TIE/fo is just a beefier TIE fighter with upgradability and still is the spammy bully or disposable ace, and the upcoming Upsilon-class shuttle will be a Lambda on steroids.  But what is the TIE/sf? Continue reading TIE/sf – Where does it fit in?


List Nostalgia Consistent Brobots

One of the most fun parts of X-Wing for me is building a list. I can sit at a list builder for a half hour, play around with combos, come up with one list I deem usable, and regret nothing. I’ve even caught some of the most successful players around me totally off-guard. Two memorable combos come to mind for me. One of which, a cover for Dash’s donut hole, will be covered in a later blog discussing simply that ship. This one however will be dedicated to a brobots build that has proven to be almost perfect for my playstyle.

Love these guys

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Double Decimators Does it Again!

Some of you may have already read NeverBetTheFett’s Article which is by my friend NeverBetTheFett.  If you haven’t, make sure you read it as well.

Not sure when he started calling me “The Professor” but I guess it stems from my creative list building. I try not to run Meta Lists as I find them boring.  Meta Lists are those that have won multiple tournaments or placed well at multiple tournaments.  I like to run different lists that in some cases are a lot more fun to run. I have been wanting to run a double decimator list for a while now but had so much fun running other lists I never got around to it until recently. Continue reading Double Decimators Does it Again!


Choosing a side: A beginner’s guide to faction identity

One thing that separates X-Wing from many other games, is that even a player on a budget can viably play multiple, or even all three factions with some degree of competitiveness, as opposed to picking one and having to stick with it. Most people who play other table top games (I’m looking at you 40k) are forced to stick to one army due to the fact that having more than one will cost you thousands of dollars. This gives X-Wing players some choice: they could play one faction exclusively if they wish, or they can spread the love around and play all three factions easily. Most players fall somewhere in-between, having some time with all factions, but identifying primarily with one or two.

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Farlander: A lesson in versatility

Many pilots in X-Wing have various ways of coping with stress. Tycho can almost completely ignore it, Soontir and Ibtisam get some power from it, Hobbie and Porkins have situations where they can more easily remove theirs.  However, someone who loves getting stress tokens is Keyan Farlander, as it not only makes him more powerful, but when it does, he removes the token allowing him full range of his dial afterwards.  This has created a divide in the X-Wing community, as many claim he’s overpowered, while others state that  B-Wing named pilots are so expensive that he’s not even worth taking. I personally still remember how excited I was when he was first announced in rebel aces.

For those uninitiated.

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Imperial Doctrine – List Building Dilemma

Hey all, long time Imperial Loyalist and Interceptor jockey Drew “Darklight” Edgar here.  I’ve been coming up with non-standard lists for fun and noticed a few interesting points about the Empire’s list building dynamic and decided to share them here with you guys. Continue reading Imperial Doctrine – List Building Dilemma