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Farlander: A lesson in versatility

Many pilots in X-Wing have various ways of coping with stress. Tycho can almost completely ignore it, Soontir and Ibtisam get some power from it, Hobbie and Porkins have situations where they can more easily remove theirs.  However, someone who loves getting stress tokens is Keyan Farlander, as it not only makes him more powerful, but when it does, he removes the token allowing him full range of his dial afterwards.  This has created a divide in the X-Wing community, as many claim he’s overpowered, while others state that  B-Wing named pilots are so expensive that he’s not even worth taking. I personally still remember how excited I was when he was first announced in rebel aces.

For those uninitiated.

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Searching for Paul Heaver (a 2015 X-Wing Worlds Battle Report…sort of)

Hey Heaver! Yoink!
Hey Heaver! Yoink!

I’ve been playing X-Wing Miniatures for about one year now and marvel at the nuances in this game. When players lose, most blame the dice and not the fact that their build did not match up well or that they just piloted poorly. On the other hand, many win by playing so much, and practice, practice, practice. When I lose, I usually acknowledge that I was outplayed, but secretly blame the dice. It’s been baffling to me how people like Paul Heaver can consistently win with this current changing meta.

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Imperial Doctrine – List Building Dilemma

Hey all, long time Imperial Loyalist and Interceptor jockey Drew “Darklight” Edgar here.  I’ve been coming up with non-standard lists for fun and noticed a few interesting points about the Empire’s list building dynamic and decided to share them here with you guys. Continue reading Imperial Doctrine – List Building Dilemma


X-Wing Miniatures: Canadian Nationals Report

I got into X-Wing about a year ago and have really enjoyed the tournament scene. I have had some good luck playing competitively, managing to win a store championship and making top 4 at Regionals. I was definitely stoked to participate in Canadian Nationals, especially since they were just a 20 minute bike ride away.

I set to work crafting a list for nationals about 3 weeks in advance. Wave 7 had just been released 1 week earlier which made things tricky. I had taken a Chirpy-Fel list to Regionals, but the thought of multiple TLT lists scared me away from bringing a Decimator to nationals. I knew I needed something that countered TLT’s without leaving me vulnerable to some of the other archetypes in the game. After some messing around I decided that a combo of high agility and Autothrusters worked well enough to at least slow down the onslaught of TLT attacks. I decided to bring: Continue reading X-Wing Miniatures: Canadian Nationals Report


The Emperor’s Will

Last week brought something exciting to the tables of Xwing players. The Raider found it’s way to the shores after being on the boat for all too long. The release quickly brought the Tie Advance back to the table in a big way, giving it many options and builds that the poor ships sorely lacked. I played a tournament this past weekend and a good two thirds of the lists had the Lord of the Sith himself, Vader or some other Advances on the board. The Raider pack brought another amazing piece to the hands of Imperial players, The Emperor.
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2015 Winnipeg X-Wing Regional Report

I recently had a chat with Steve Smith, the new Winnipeg Regional Champion in X-Wing. He answered some questions about what the scene is like out in Winnipeg and then was nice enough to write up a battle report. Let’s get to it!

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Store Wars, 2015 X-Wing Event #1: The Hobby Kingdom

Yesterday was the first event in the 2015 Store Wars tournament series for X-Wing. For those reading this that may not know what that is, six stores in Ontario between St. Catharines and Mississauga are working together to hold a twelve-tournament series (two at each store) where players earn points cumulatively based on how they place in each tournament. The top 16 players by point standings will take place in an invitational “finale” tournament in the fall (disclaimer: I haven’t seen this officially announced by the Store Wars organizing body yet but I’m told by those more informed than myself that this is the plan). Continue reading Store Wars, 2015 X-Wing Event #1: The Hobby Kingdom