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Unorthodox Soontir


Ever since he was added into the game in wave 2, Soontir Fel has been one of the most popular pilots, possibly the most popular pilot in the Empire, and its not very difficult to see why that is.

That red stripe could be using the blood of his victims. He has enough of them
That red stripe could be from the blood of his victims. He has enough of them

He’s the faction’s only PS 9 that isn’t in a TIE Advanced, flies a ship that takes full advantage of his high PS, and can be built within a variable range of point totals, especially since Imperial Aces really expanded the options he had with the Royal Guard TIE upgrade.

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Near the end of X-Wing’s Wave 2 expansion, my life as a table-top gamer was in transition. Privateer Press’s abandonment of Monsterpocalypse years early was finally, despite the continued love of its players, starting to fully kill the game — regular opponents online were becoming impossible to find, as each player slowly found other things they would rather do.  I’d already started playing X-Wing back at the start of Wave 1, but it was time to put my brain to X-Wing. Continue reading PARSING THE X-WING