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Prototype Toronto League Open


The Prototype Toronto League is throwing an X-wing party!

Join us for our first ever PTL Open, held on April 22-23 at the Legion (Branch 22) in Toronto near Woodbine and Danforth. Sponsored by Face to Face Games Toronto.

Special thanks to VTTV.Live who will be webcasting the event live all weekend.

This weekend long X-Wing convention features a unique 6 round main event, and fun friendly side events, a math trade, and plenty of cool prizes for everyone!

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401 Games Regional Report

Getting ready

Preparing for a big regional championship is a lot of fun.  In the current meta it was a bit stressful trying to find a list that could adequately handle triple U-boats, Palp Aces and crack swarms; talk about the full spectrum of lists there.  I have had good success with Soontir Fel in the past, flying him to a Canadian national championship last year, and winning a small store tourney with him last month.  I had decided to go with a standard Palp aces build, of the ‘Howard’ version to be specific. 

The night before the tournament, I was afraid that I would just be terribly bored flying this list . So I panicked.  I’d played around on Vassal with some Dengar/Manaroo lists and the morning of the tournament I quickly play tested a couple more games against myself on Vassal, packed up my stuff and headed out.  I brought both lists with me, but ultimately decided that I’d have way more fun flying the Dengar/Manaroo list than boring old Palp aces, and so I dove into the largest tournament I’ve ever played in with a list I’ve never played on the table before.  I flew: Continue reading 401 Games Regional Report


Not Quite A Repaint


The first time I saw the X-Wing Miniatures Core Set, my eyes were immediately drawn to the Tie Fighters.  The detailed sculpt, the black wash on the grey scheme, the glossy cockpit window, they genuinely looked as though they’d been hand painted with care.  As my gaze shifted over to the T-65 X-Wing, I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.  The sculpt was nice, impressively detailed, but the factory paintjob left a lot to be desired.  This was supposed to be Luke Skywalker, Biggs Darklighter, Wedge Antilles, or another heroe of the Rebellion.  Why did it have to look so bland?

core set

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Riding Triple Toilet Seats to Victory

*a few of the photos below were taken from The Dragon Guelph’s Twitter page @dragonguelph


I’ll preface this report by saying that I’m a total newbie at competitive X-Wing.  My fiancée and I picked up 2 core sets, the Millennium Falcon and the Slave 1 in mid-2015.  We played a few rounds, then moved on to other things.  As a total Star Wars geek, I had quietly picked up some other ships here and there, mainly because they looked cool (Decimator), but for the most part, never had any intention of taking the game off of the kitchen table.  Then in early January, my buddy Patrick texts me a photo of an X-Wing collection he’d recently acquired and asked if I wanted to play.  Game on. Continue reading Riding Triple Toilet Seats to Victory


Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – Our Printed Components

After months of playing with prototype components both before and after the campaign was released, we finally got around to printing out our own high-quality copy of Heroes of the Aturi Cluster.

Lucas Keys generously offered to help set up and photograph all of bits so that we could show them off. Continue reading Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – Our Printed Components


Repainted YT-1300

As a child of the 90’ies, I grew up watching Star Wars on VHS (I watched Star Wars on the 1995 VHS boxset). I cannot count how many times I saw the movies, and one of my favourite moments of the trilogy was the Battle of Yavin, and especially the moment when Han and Chewie appear to help Luke in the climatic moments of the battle. The YT-1300 is one of the truly iconic starships in our pop culture and I decided to give my own YT-1300 a simple repaint, to make it stand out from the rest on the tabletop. Continue reading Repainted YT-1300


Custom X-Wings by Walter Vail

One part of X-Wing that I enjoy is seeing custom painted ships. I always have my eye out for conversions, repaints and custom mods. I came across Walter Vail’s work one day when looking for swag on eBay. I was impressed with his Y-Wings and X-Wings. What I really liked about his X-Wings were the crisp clean lines and fine detail. I was so inspired by his work I decided to contact him which led to this interview.

Forgotten Aces: Rexler Brath

In X-Wing you have many different ships and pilots to choose from, each with unique abilities. Some of these pilots and ships are overlooked by the tournament goers and the Meta at large, getting little to no representation at the tournament level. I call these overlooked Pilots the “Forgotten Aces.”

This weeks Forgotten Ace is a pilot that flies one of my favourite ships in the game but even I have not used him much, Rexler Brath.
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After Action Reviews: A thought on process and returns

Time and time again, after playing or watching people play games I hear the same thing said across a table, “that always happens,” or “I can never win,” or “that’s just too powerful.”  I find it interesting when I watch people who talk like that make the same decisions over and over again, hoping for different results. Today, I’m going to talk about how I move past making self limiting remarks like that and push for change in my play instead.

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