Thanksgiving Tournament Report

So today, I partook in a small X-Wing tournament at Black Knight Games, which was my first tournament in a few months. Due to the casual 100 point games on Tuesday being almost entirely replaced by the Hamilton group’s version of the x-wing co-op campaign, I had very little practice with any of the wave 7 ships. As fun as the campaign is (I recommend it), I knew that I’d either have to cook something up on the spot, or fall back on stuff I was familiar with.

When I find a list I really like, I tend to keep it in mind, specifically for situations like this. The ones that most quickly came to mind were a  Krassis list that I had always loved, but hadn’t pulled out in a few waves, a solid Jan list with Biggs and two generics, and a brots list featuring autoblaster and accuracy corrector to guarantee two hits that can’t be evaded and didn’t need modifiers.

Decisions, decisions...
Decisions, decisions…

After some thought, I was contemplating bringing back my first list using Raider cards. Re-reading my article, something that I noticed (other than my run-on sentences) was Vader making an early exit in both games. After some contemplation, I decided to replace Vader with a Soontir build costing 1 less point, giving me an initative bid, which is important for arc dodgers. My final list came to:

Soontir with Push the Limit, Autothrusters, Royal Guard TIE and a Shield Upgrade

Juno Eclipse with Veteran Instincts, TIE advanced X1, Advanced Targeting Computer and Engine Upgrade

Omnicron pilot with Emperor Palpatine

List Approved!

Turn out for the tourney was small, with only five of us, all Black Knight regulars. However, everyone knew there would be no easy matches.

Game 1

My first game was against Jon, who I’ve played probably over a dozen times at this point, with most matches being nail-bitters. I was doubting that this one would be any different.

He played Garvin and Ion-Dutch, supported by a pair of proton rocket loaded Green Squadron pilots with crack shot. I lined up Palpatine near an edge, and he lined up his ships in formation across from Palps.  Soontir and Juno were lined up to flank from the diagonal.

I forgot how nimble these things were

After I stalled a little with the lambda to give my flankers time to get close, Jon turned his squad toward Soontir. I got some range 3 shots in on Dutch, but next turn, Jon had used Dutch to successfully block Soontir, with both Soontir and Dutch going down. Juno got out untouched with help from Palpatine’s ability.

His three remaining ships turned toward Juno, and I was cleverly able to keep her mostly out of arc, as the Palpatine shuttle took down Garvin from behind in a couple turns of fire. The A-Wings continued to chase Juno who I kept out of arc, long enough to take down one A-Wing.

At that point, I got too fancy for my own good. I tried to wrap Juno around an asteroid, parked her on it by accident, and the A-Wing blew her up, Palpatine unable to save her. Once the A-Wing got behind the shuttle, it was over, and I was left kicking myself over blowing a winnable game.

Game 2

This time I played against Don, probably the most notable player at the tournament, having won many in the past.

His list consisted of IG88’s B and C, both with wired and the title for the ship, but with differing cannon and systems upgrades, including HLC, Ion and mangler between the two.

For those who haven't met him
The Great One

I once again lined up to flank, this time spacing out Juno and Soontir a little bit more. This time, after some pot shots between Juno, Soontir and C, the Palpa-shuttle came seemingly out of nowhere, forcing C to move out of the way, after taking a small beating.  Soontir and Juno were able to spread out, as Don’s focus was on bringing down Palpatine and his powerful effect, which I was using to modify green dice. At that point, B smashed an asteroid and Juno stripped him of his shields. B turned around  with an S-loop to face Juno and the Shuttle, but I had Soontir boost into B’s range 1. Soonter landed a Ion cannon destroying crit while managing to avoid being hit back himself, as B was unable to take an action due to stress.

Stress and fancy flying? Guys, you’re making Tycho jealous.

As this point, C, who had just finished Palpatine, was able to pursue Juno. Juno used her ability and boost action granted by engine upgrade to get out of arc easily and turn around to shoot back, while Soontir swooped back to take a couple of shots at C.  B was then finished by Juno, as my two arc-dodgers faced off against C.

Somehow, C was able to avoid fully focused range 1 shots from both, even while Juno had a TL to give a free crit. Juno this time paid the price for being bait, as when she ran away and charged back, C finished her off. However, she had done notable damage, and Soontir had positioned himself near the side of C. Soontir and his arc-dodging shenanigans were enough to avoid any damage from C and take him down.

Never save the Baron for last.
Never save the Baron for last.

Game 3

My final game was against Drew, our local Imperial enthusiast who recently mentioned his love of arc dodgers, but deviated from his usual playing style. Instead he played two of the new X-Wing pilots (Red Squadron Veteran and Blue Ace). His third and final ship was B-Wing favourite Keyan Farlander, who was fitted with the interesting combination of Stay on Target and Intelligence agent.

Intelligence-agent (1)
Don’t feel bad. I also forgot about this card.

This allowed him to see either Soontir or Juno’s dial, and modify his own dial accordingly, despite these two having higher pilot skill. Blue Ace also benefited from this little trick, with his ability to choose differing boosts. It was a clever tactic, one that had never occurred to me beforehand.

I set up similarly to my other games, but this time had my shuttle turn away immediately, forcing him to give chase. He spread his pilots out, making Red Squad veteran an easy target. After quickly finishing him, I began to out-flank Blue Ace, while chipping away at Farlander, all while staying mostly out of arc. Palpatine’s dice modifying ability making my advantage even more distinctive. The dice were also in my favour, the situation quickly pressured Drew to do something.

He eventually decided to chase the Shuttle, which had given itself a couple turns worth of movement space between itself and the dogfight. As his two remaining ships began to close in on it, I had stripped all their shields, and began to crit Blue Ace, lowering his attack dice by 1. After Soontir took down Farlander at range 1, who would have been able to shoot back had he survived, Drew conceded.

Wrap up

Nobody finished undefeated, and after MOV, I had come second after Don. However, something that stood out to me was that in my match with Drew, he had gotten half of the victory points for my shuttle, stopping a 100 point victory. This lowered my MOV by 15 compared to what it would have been before the FAQ update, and Don finished 14 ahead of me. Had the FAQ not been updated, I’d have won. Oh, well. I had fun, as always, and this only reinforced how much I like all three of these ships. All players there showed amazing sportsmanship, and its clear they all were having fun as well.

Also, I would like to apologize for the inaccuracy of a previous image—there is no free beer.

May the force be with you pilot.


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      As for the big base neft: I knew something had to be done. When I heard about it I was excited to see 2 ships builds die down a little, and this tournament showed that at least locally it was working, with only 1 player taking one. Now I have a harder time seeing the change from an unbiased point of view, lol.

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