The Battle of Waterloo, Store Championship Report 2015


imageThe 2015 Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Store Championship at Just By Chance Games in Waterloo, Ontario was, in my humble opinion, a rousing success! There were 22 players (compared to the 6 in the last tournament). Of that number, 16 were playing as rebels.

The tournament was very well run, considering the turnout and Nick and JBC did a fantastic job of hosting and even gave out store credit to the top 4. There were players from all over Ontario and quite a few different characters, including one who cried and stormed out when he lost his last game (Cry Fighter? maybe Cry Bomber), a guy who appeared to whisper to his dice before rolling (Dice Whisperer?), and a guy who was blind (see link)  who wore a hoodie to channel his inner Emperor Palpatine. I’ll tell you more about the last guy later in my battle report.

I made my list to try to be balanced enough to take on Fat Falcons, Decimators, and Outriders. Sadly for me, there weren’t just builds involving those 360 turret weapons of destruction, but many that had B-wings, A-wings, and X-wings. Here’s what I flew:

Soontir + Push + Targeting Comp + Stealth + Royal G Title
Krassis + Ion Cannon
Doom Shuttle (OMG + Vader)

Round 1 – Loss


My first game was against Martin’s sturdy build of:

B-wings x3
A-Wing Proto

I had just learned to fly the Doom Shuttle that week and was advised not to bring it in to combat too fast. Well I think I overdid it (underdid it?). I didn’t bring Vader’s shuttle in fast enough and as a result had to take on his squad with just two ships for the first few rounds. Perhaps that would have been ok, but I bumped with Soontir too early. The glass cannon was one-shotted and the Baron was forced to watch from the sidelines. I did manage to take out an A-wing, Z-95, and a B-wing, but otherwise I was pretty much on my way to a casual day with no hopes of really winning the tournament. Did I mind? No. Keep reading.

Round 2 – Loss

Next I played James. He brought:

Fat Chewy
Corran Horn

I made the mistake of going after Chewy too long, and had a good chance to take some shots at Corran but decided to finish Chewy off who had 2 hull left. After failing to finish Chewy with Soontir at range one, he one shotted Soontir with 3 hits. After that, Krassis took Chewy out, but the damage had already been done as he tracked down and finished my Doom Shuttle with an untouched Corran. He flew Corran quite well, double tapping at the perfect times. So now I’m 0-2 and really having fun (do I have a choice?).

Round 3 – Win


Next I played Ron who brought:

Black Squadron Tie x2

There was an early traffic jam in the middle between Soontir, Oicunn, and Howlrunner. With Oicunn’s ramming ability, this would not play out well for Soontir. However, the Baron was able to take out Howlrunner before being bumped three times by Oicunn (nobody moved for three turns with our three ships all touching) to once again bring him to the sidelines. However, in the meantime, Vader’s shuttle and Krassis were able to take enough shots at Oicunn to take him out of play. Eventually, it came down to Krassis ionizing the last Tie, then making a hard turn to shoot a range 1 shot out of the auxiliary arc for the win.

Round 4 – Win

“No, wait! I thought you were blind!”


My last game was my favourite. At this point, I was having so much fun as the pressure was off. After my win in round 3, I knew that I wasn’t going home 0-4, but I also could just relax. I played against John’s (Emperor Palpatine) list of

Pimped out OMG!


Let me tell you, just because someone is blind, it does not prevent them from playing X-Wing, and John was very cool about it. He was more like Han Solo when he used a blaster to save Lando from being a victim of the Almighty Sarlacc. (“No way! I thought you were blind?”) Furthermore, being blind does not preclude you, as their opponent, to play soft. This guy was just as competitive as anyone else. He had just beat my friend’s squad of Chewy, Luke, and Wedge, and I wasn’t going to take him lightly. Besides, I wanted to respect him by giving him my best effort (I moved all of his ships for him and gave him descriptions of battle placements). This guy was ruthless. He was able to fire off 2 proton torpedoes at my squad. It was a great battle as somehow he had a phenomenal ability to know where everything was. Soontir, Krassis, and the Doom Shuttle triple-teamed Oicunn, and it eventually came down to Soontir chasing down and finishing his OMG! while it was pursuing Krassis.

All-in-all it was a great time. I made some new friends, including Emperor Palpatine and his Waterloo crew. They play every second Saturday at JBC, and I’ll surely come by with some other pilots from Rogue Squadron for some fun and X-Wing!

Here is the final rankings and a picture of the squads of the final four.


1. Lucas Crosby – 25 points (903)
2. Spencer Mcclung – 23 points (781)
3. Carlo Roque – 16 points (695)
4. Chris Engler – 15 points (564)
5. Martin Dyck – 13 points (454)
6. Mike Croft – 13 points (435)
7. Tobias Silverstolpe – 11 points (544)
8. Darren Collins – 10 points (524)
9. Nathaniel Strugnell – 10 points (506)
10. Dan Swartzentruber – 10 points (466)
11. James Neill – 10 points (458)
12. Vijay Rasaiah – 10 points (395)
13. Andrew Dyck – 10 points (329)
14. John Doyle – 8 points (298)
15. Nathan Hoel – 5 points (324)
16. Mitch Hindermeier – 5 points (307)
17. Luke LaRocque – 5 points (244)
18. Ron Rigelhof – 5 points (241)
19. Randall Carder – 5 points (220)
20. Darryl Striukas – 5 points (215)
21. Brian Edward – 5 points (200)
22. Jacob Stauttener – 0 points (97)


3 thoughts on “The Battle of Waterloo, Store Championship Report 2015”

  1. Great report, this part: ‘otherwise I was pretty much on my way to a casual day with no hopes of really winning the tournament. Did I mind? No.’ seemed to really capture the spirit of the game, and I’m glad you’ve picked up on that.

    And someone playing blind? I never thought I’d see the day (pun unintended). That’s just crazy skill, he must have a great sense of where everything is.

  2. Blind Guy rolls dice, gets crit, crit, hit, hit and asks, “What did I get?”

    NeverBetTheFett, “All blanks!”

    Blind Guy, “Again?! Damn, this is the worst luck!”

    NeverBetTheFett, “Ya… You know I really don’t like it when people blame the dice.”

  3. Thanks V! And yes it was quite remarkable. He asked for orientation of ships using his hands, and then used the table end to denote the location left to right.

    And yes, r2eq, he actually did roll 4 blanks once! Good thing he had a pimped out OMG as it was making target locks appear all game! His re-roll was 2 or 3 hits.

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