The Emperor’s Will

Last week brought something exciting to the tables of Xwing players. The Raider found it’s way to the shores after being on the boat for all too long. The release quickly brought the Tie Advance back to the table in a big way, giving it many options and builds that the poor ships sorely lacked. I played a tournament this past weekend and a good two thirds of the lists had the Lord of the Sith himself, Vader or some other Advances on the board. The Raider pack brought another amazing piece to the hands of Imperial players, The Emperor.

The ability to just choose one of your dice rolls, not roll but just pick it at your will, the Emperor’s will, is great. I looked at this card with interest but not exactly with excitement. The ability is amazing, but at 8 points, two crew slots and only 1 dice is it really all you need it to be for such an investment? I started thinking on this and I came up with lists that made the strongest use of the Emperor’s dice controlling ability. Here are a few ideas that I came up with that put the will of the Emperor to it’s most evil purpose.


A card that’s long been in the game of X-Wing and nearly never used, Saboteur is a damage card flipping crew but just too expensive for it’s cost of an action as well as not guaranteed to even actually work!  This card have never found it’s way into my or my opponent’s list since I started playing in Wave 3. However, now with the Emperor on my side, I can ensure that when I spend my action to sabotage the enemy, it will happen. My idea is to place this nasty crew card on a Sigma pilot, who will release 4 dice into the enemy during the alpha strike with help of the Emperor that hopefully will break shields. From there the Sigma can get in range 1 next turn and pull the trigger on a hopefully crippling critical damage on his enemy.

Ion For Days

This card is coming out in Wave 7, so it will be an option very soon. The idea for this came from Sablegryphon’s “Slayers of the Republic” list, if you place this device on a Decimator in your list toting the Emperor as crew you can place yourself in a position for your opponent to bump you. From there, you can guarantee that your opponent gets Ionized, causing them to move 1 forward. You then, as the Decimator, bump with a 1 forward. Which causes you opponent to bump when ionized, re-ionizing him with the Will of the Emperor and this continues until the opponent is dead or very, very annoyed.

Pursue this!

Much like the evil of the Ion Projector, a Decimator of Shuttle being used as the Emperor’s limo can have Anti-Pursuit lasers mounted on it to maximum efficiency. The Shuttle now doesn’t have to move anywhere but constantly into your enemies!

Master Mechanic?

The final and personally most hilarious in a thematic context of X-Wing is that the old Emperor can be used as one hell of a Mechanic. Is the Decimator that totes your Emperor sporting a potentially limiting critical lowering it’s attack? Well old grease jockey himself,  Palpatine, can fix that crit next turn by assuring the hit he needs to fix it. Or on the other hand, rolling for minor explosions can be avoided by the quick hands of Palpatine. Not only his he the puppet master of the Imperial regime, but he’s also pretty handy with a Hydrospanner! Who would of thunk it.

The Emperor was always the mastermind of the Imperial army, but now with his card in your hands, he can be the man who brings the downfall of your enemies! Either by use of adding the extra critical, evade or the nasty experiments posted here, the Emperor is well worth the 8 points in the right list. I hope and fear to see him on the table more in the future.


2 thoughts on “The Emperor’s Will”

    1. Great ideas using the Emperor to guarantee rolls not just for hits or evades, but also for game effects that require a roll.

      At first I wasn’t sure he was worth 8 points, but there is so much the Emperor can do for you, I think he is.

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