The road to win the Quebec Regional

The road to win the Quebec Regional.

This is the long story of how I manage to win the Quebec Regional that happened on Saturday 2nd of July.

First of all, I’m a French Canadian, so English is not my primary language. I apologies for all the grammar and syntax mistakes I will surely do!!!

That Regional was held in Quebec city, in the province of Quebec, in Canada. For those of you who have no idea where it is, it is north of New-York. So, hot in summer and cold with tons of snow in winter.

This story will be split in two sections. The preparation and a battle report .

The preparation :

My local group and myself have been preparing and practicing a lot since the beginning of the Store Championship season (mostly individually) and together as a group since the last 2 months. Many found their list that best suits their play style, some still struggle to find the list they wanted.

As for me, I mostly fly Imperial and sometimes, Scums. I do not fly Rebels because, well they are terrorist no?!? (hehehe)

My play style is with aces, like Soontir Fel and Inquisitor. I had a lot of success with Palp aces (like Vader/Fel/Palpy), but I found that Vader is a bit too fragile. So I tried 3 aces lists with success, but also critical failure.

And then I found a list that answer all of my weakness and that won me the last Store Championship I attended :

OGP + Palpatine


Omega Leader + Juke + Comm Relay

Inquisitor + PTL + AT + Title

100 pts


I fall in love with the list for so many reasons. I’ll try to explain why.

  • I love aces! To arc dodge, token up for maximum defense and no hit get through (and have a look at the sad face of my opponent), sneak behind and unleash a critical strike, do the “hit-and-run” pattern, etc… You know what I mean. The Inquisitor is not Fel (which I love so much), but fill almost the same role perfectly. He’s cheaper, can hit harder with the TL and super good at range 3 and vs Autothrusters. And with 2 shields/2 hulls, he can survived if he gets blocked (can’t say the same with Fel).
  • Omega Leader alias the “fucker”, the “oh no, not him….”, the “nope, sorry, you can’t use that!” OL is not an ace, but almost. I think of him (or her?) more like an anti-ace, anti-big ship that hits hard. If OL has a TL on Fel, even with all his token and AT and all, OL can punch through him like a knife into butter. All OL needs is have him in arc! Also, OL is just so good vs anyone that I can TL. In the end game, 1 on 1, OL always has the advantage. OL vs swarm, not really good except for bait.
  • WAMPA!!!! He IS the anti-ace, anti-regen, anti-2hull ships like the Phantom, Inquisitor, Corran and also Fel. All I need is to have the ace in my arc and have a crit. He is also a good blocker and sometimes, he even plays like Biggs in the head of my opponent.
  • Palpatine! For 8 pts and 2 crew slots, I find him cheap for what he does. And that crit WAMPA wishes so hard to get, well Palpatine is there to give him, unless I need Palpy to evade a shot… Palpatine is always there to save a ship or get 1 more hit/crit on my enemy. He is definitely the star of the list.
  • OGP alias the space cow. That ship can be very effective. A 3 attack ship is very good. I can also block with it, but I mostly run away at first and get into the fight in the middle of the game. For 29 pts with Palpatine, he do more than what it costs!

So, I have a list that is good vs many many lists. It is a 4 ships list (I normally fly 3 Imperial ships) and that 4th ship is awesome in so many situations. All 4 ships are a threat. Many players just don’t know which ship to prioritise and should hunt down first (I normally do know, so I know which ship to keep safe for the first rounds).

Of course, it has weakness. All list has!

Swarms are tough matches. Crackshot swarms are even harder, but not unbeatable.

High PS. They can arc-dodge, so I need to block. That is why having 4 ships is so nice and important with that list. Having 100 pts and PS8, I get arc-dodged by PS9+ and some PS8 if I get the initiative. If I block correctly, easy win.

Any combination of Ghost + Autoblaster (with Dash, or even 2 Ghost!) I had some hard times vs that one and not a lot of practice. I just hope not to face any (spoiler, I didn’t! But there were a player with 2 Ghost + Autoblaster + FCS / Roark + Dorsal : I was very happy not to face him!).

I’m at 100 pts with 2 PS8. There are good PS8 ships out there and I would like to NOT have initiative… But I can’t remove anything. So, no initiative bid for me, just some hope.

And finally, Dengaroo…

The week before Quebec Regional, I went to the Toronto Regional. I lost 2 games vs 2 variations of the Dengaroo build which is something like that:

Dengar + LW + TITLE + Zuckuss + Counter Measure + Plasma + Glitter +  R5-P8 / Overclocked R4

Manaroo + PTL + Unhinged Astromech + Feedback + EU + Recon spec / Gonk

The 1st match, I didn’t know the list and I tough, wow 2 ships list, that will be easy. Kill Dengar and finish Manaroo. Well, that is the mistake everyone does I guess and why the list is strong right now. As long as Manaroo can gives focus to Dengar, Dengar hit like a truck and is so hard to get hit on him. He’s like on Glitterstim forever. And you are usually in his arc, so you get 2 trucks in your face! Long story short, I messed completely in the 1st game, then chat with my friend on what the list does and how to beat it. We both concluded that Manaroo needs to go down first. 2nd match, I could have won this one, but I make a big mistake in both of my matches. I let Zuckuss do his thing (re-roll green dice) on Omega Leader! It didn’t catch my eyes until the day after the tournament! Well, at least I learn 2 things vs Dengaroo. Kill Manaroo 1st and Zuckuss does not work on OL if I have a TL on Dengar.

With a 14th position at the Toronto tournament (on around 80 players), I’m very confident in me and my list. I played it a lot and won a lot. My losses have taught the things I needed.

So, the Friday morning before the big day, I travel with my wife and 2 kids from Montreal to Quebec city (2h30-3h).

In the evening, I check my email and see a post on Facebook : New FAQ!

Oh sweet, I always like new FAQ, but this one is different because the effects are applicable right now! Oh crap! I need to read this before tomorrow! As you may know, the real BIG impact is the nerf for the R4 agromech. Many players in the morning of the tournament were not aware of this and needed to adjust their list (or even change them). For the rest, well, you all know the new FAQ so no need to speak of it.

To the tournament!

57 players, 6 rounds + TOP 8, start at 9h am.

I’m a morning bird. I go to bed early and get up also very early. So a tournament that begin at 9h am is SOOOOO nice for me! I was awake around 4 am anyway because of the excitement!

So, I put my lucky charm Star Wars t-shirt, short and sandal ; the perfect gear for a tournament where it will get hot fast in a close environment. Well, I make my first mistake of the day when I get outside and enter the car of a friend at the hotel to get at the tournament. I didn’t check the weather and also didn’t realize that we won’t play in a store, but in a big air conditioning conference hotel room and it is surprisingly cold outside. Very cold! Spoiler : I was cold all day long! First time ever in a X-Wing tournament!!! At least, it kept me awake!

We arrive there around 8h am. I meet players I know from Facebook but never had the chance to met them in person. I get some good chat with friends from our local group too. I see that we are about 16 players from Montreal. Everyone is nice, friendly and all wish to have a good long day of X-Wing! Great community!


I used my bye at Toronto, so I play the 1st round.


Battle report!

All of my games are from memories. I wrote down lists and names, but details are not precise. Apologies if I report something wrong.

1st game vs Kevin Lemieux

IG-B + Pred + AdvSensors + HLC + AT + Title

IG-C + Pred + AdvSensors + Mangler + Tractor Beam + AT + Title

100 pts

Brobots!  I played brobots with Predator and AdvSensors A LOT! I know them, I know how they fly so I feel very confident with this match. Of course, IG-B is the real threat. He needs to go down 1st, if I can. But, no matter what, when 1 IG is down, it is hard for the other to climb up the hill.

I will explain my setup here in this 1st match, but it is almost the same with all my matches with some variations.

Rock placement. I have 2 big and 1 medium rock. I normally place 1 big at range 3/3 in one of my corner, the others in tight formation or some sort of barrier to protect Palpatine or force the way my opponent need to take to hunt down my ships.

If I face Jumpmasters, I place the rocks in a checkerboard pattern. This blocks BR and S-Loop pretty effectively.

I always put Palpy facing right or left, parallel to my board edge at 1/3 of the map, facing the other 2/3 of the map and Wampa facing north in front of Palpy. That way, I can stall with Palpy with 1 fwr and Wampa hard 1 into Palpy, so no one moves. That way, I know where my opponent is going and I can decide when the time is right to break free.

Kevin places his IG facing my direction, B near the right corner, C next to him in the 1/4 of the map, so almost facing my shuttle.

I place the Inquisitor in the opposite corner of his IG and OL between Palpy and Inquisitor.

I bump Palpy and Wampa and he rushes me with 3 fwr + boost. 5 fwr with Inqui  + boost right to eventually get behind them and turn in OL + evade.

Next turn, I 3 fwr Palpy (I need him to survive and if he wants to get Palpy, he’ll have to get through all of my ships. Can’t really remember about Wampa, probably giving him as a bait with 2 fwr + evade. He Advs boost B left near the egde of the map + hard 1 (as expected) and AdvS boost right  + bank 1 left with C and land on a rock! Ouch! Kevin tell me that he did not play X-Wing for the last 2 months and so he was a little rusty! Re-Ouch! So, Inqui, OL + Wampa, they all shot at C and strip his shields. Wampa get 1 hull from B’s HLC. IG-C eventually get on another rock 2-3 rounds later… That 2 months break of X-Wing really hurt him!

What is cool with AdvSensors, is that you can’t really get blocked. Well, that is not totally true. You can block the AdvSensors boost! And that is what I did with Wampa. I blocked with Wampa for as long as I can, but he got killed fast, then Palpy get in the way. I can’t really remember in details the rest of the game, but I know that IG-C went down 1st, then eventually, IG-B too, easily killed by OL and Inquisitor.

Even if the outcome was inevitable, Kevin kept a really good attitude. He was very friendly and that is what makes X-Wing so nice!

I lost Wampa (as expected) + half Palpy.

Win : 100 – 28


2st game vs Damien Delautre

Dash + PTL + Mangler + Outrider + Kyle Katarn + EU

Miranda + TLT + EM + Homing Missiles + C-3PO + Guidance Chips

100 pts

Dash with Kanan instead of Kyle is, in my opinion, far better. With Kyle, Dash become so predictable and much more easier to block. And on top of that, no HLC. No donut hole, but that 3 red dice attack is easy to evade with my ships, except for Palpy. Now, Miranda is the real threat here. That Homing missiles with Miranda’s ability = 5 red dice.

He wins the initiative and decides to give it to me. Ouch, so that means Miranda will move last and could more easily choose on which one to put her TL and launch her deadly missiles . My plan, control the range engagement and “give” her OL, but not before I could TL her. Kill Dash as fast as I can and bring Inquisitor behind Miranda.

I place Palpy and Wampa as usual in the right section, he places Dash right in front of them. I place Inqui  in the opposite side of the map, to the left and OL to the right, behind Palpy. He places Miranda in the corner, between the edge and Dash, in front of OL. I need to chance my plan, because if I go foward with OL to eventually TL Miranda, Dash is there to fire on OL, not a good idea.

1st round, I bump Palpy+wampa as usual, he rushes with Dash with 4 FWR + boost + BR to get a shot on Palpy (wow, that ship can move really fast). I 5 FWR + boost right with Inquisitor to flank and hard left with OL + evade, out of range of Dash. Miranda 3 fwr + slam 3 fwr. Dash fire at Palpy but no dmg.

2e round I run away with Palpy and Wampa. Dash turns in, focus + TL on OL. Inquisitor get his TL on Dash and OL run 5 fwr, right behind Palpy and TL Dash. Miranda bank 3 but out of range of everyone for a TL. He decide not to slam, making sure next turn, that she may get a range 3 TL. I get a couple of shields of Dash and he do nothing in return (I think).

3-4e round. Those two rounds are confused in my head. All I remember, is that I manage to finally get a TL with OL on Miranda, Wampa and/or Palpy block Dash and the Inquisitor is ruthless on Dash. As for Miranda, after I put a TL on her with OL, she more 1 fwr (or bank, can’t remember) and she has OL and Wampa in arc. Damien struggle on who he should fire his missiles. He know that he won’t be able to modify his dice vs OL, but Wampa is not really a threat. He chooses OL anyway! Unexpected but I won’t complain! So, as expected, no hit on OL. I manage to remove Dash the next turn and then the chase begin on Miranda. Because of her regen ability + C-3PO, we went to time and she escaped with 1 hull remaining! He maintains his attack on OL almost all the time, did get some hit through and OL had 2 hull left at the end. He wishes so hard to bring her down.

Another good victory against a really nice person!

Win : 55 – 0

Lunch break – 30 min! Yeah! The organisers give us a lunch break. That is so nice! Time to re-energise!

3rd game vs Pierre-Yves Duval

KaaTo Leeachos + Attanni Mindlink

Manaroo + Feedback Array + Attanni Mindlink + Unhinged Astromech + Intelligence Agent

Dengar + Punishing One + Attanni Mindlink + R4 Agromech + Counter-Measures + Zuckuss

100 pts

I know Pierre-Yves. He’s from Montreal too and games with him are always fun, always! He’s really nice to play with and he is also a solid player!

Now, to his list. It’s a Dengaroo, but weaker than the ones I faced in Toronto. Well, weaker against my list. Still, Pierre-Yves managed to make the TOP 8.

My plan, don’t bother with Dengar. Kill Manaroo and Kaato 1st. Since I played Pierre-Yves also in TOP 4, both games are kind of mixed up, so I’m not able to describe this one.

All I remember is that my plan did not failed. I placed the rock in a checkerboard pattern to block Manaroo and Dengar S-Loop. I gave him the initiative, so I could block Manaroo with Wampa. I also remember that Pierre-Yves gives me KaaTo in the 1st engagement, so I removed him first, then Manaroo and Dengar last. He eventually removed Palpy.

Win : 100 – 29

Mon dos

4th game vs Sebastien Daigle

Bossk + Veteran Instincts + Concussion Missiles + Dengar + 4-Lom + Zuckuss + Inertial Dampeners + Guidance Chips

Boba Fett + Crack Shot + Assault Missiles + Thermal Detonators + Slave 1 + Guidance Chips + K4 Security Droid + Extra Munitions


So large ships with no Engine Upgrade. That should be easy. Get behind Bossk! Don’t get any ship in range 1 of Palpy vs assault missiles. I’m also very surprise that he got 3 win with that list. There must be something I don’t get… Probably the combination of Zuckuss + 4-Lom on Bossk, that may hurts.

I tell him I have 100 pts, he told me he has 99 pts. Without any hesitation, he chooses the initiative…! (In my head : WHAT!?!? THANK YOU!) That means OL and Inqui could easily arc-dodge Boba and most important, he will shot with both of his ships before mine, so I have all the pleasure to use my tokens + Palpatine for defense and use what is left for offence! What can I ask more?

Now, Boba is not a real threat to me. I can solo him with OL and /or Inquisitor. Bossk will be strong… for 1 shot with the missiles. So, I decided to just give him Wampa. 14 pts Wampa vs concussion missiles that can do 4 hit/crits and eventually 5 hit with Bossk’s ability, good trade for me.

So, I place Palpy + Wampa as usual in the 1/3 right side. He places Boba in front of them. I place Inqui + OL in the left side of the map. He then places Bossk next to Boba, near the edge at my right.

1st round, I bump Palpy + Wampa, he 4 fwr with Boba. I bank in with OL and 5 FWR + boost with Inquisitor for a flank. He 4 fwr with Bossk.

2nd round, 3 fwr with Palpy away from the enemy, bank 2 with Wampa in Bossk direction + evade and behind a rock vs Boba if he rushes fwr again. Boba 4 fwr + TL on Wampa, OL 2 fwr in Boba’s direction but too far away for a TL. Inqui get closer from the flank, but out of range of Boba. Bossk 4 fwr as expected and TL Wampa. He uses his concussion on Wampa (YES!) and do 3 hit/1 crit, use 4-Lom on my evade, but I can’t remember if he uses Zuckuss (I think not, I roll poorly I think) and so Wampa is vaporised into the void. Better him then OL or Inquisitor. Good, the big threat is gone. No more shot this turn.

3rd round, 3 fwr Palpy again, running away from the fight. Boba bank 1 in OL direction, get a TL on OL I think with K4 + focus. OL banks in Boba’s direction and TL him, there are face to face, at range 1. Inquisitor gets in a flanking position on Boba. Bossk hard turn in for a R3 attack on OL. Bossk attack OL, but he didn’t use 4-Lom to not get double ionised, but uses Zuckuss on my defense dice. Still, I evade all and Bossk is now stressed and he won’t be able to stop next turn. Boba fire at OL and do not hit. I hit hard on Boba with OL and Inqui, removing all shield and some hulls.

4th round, bank 2 with Palpy, beginning turning around a big asteroid in the left corner. Boba 2 hard right so he could get a rear shot on OL. OL 3 bank right in front of Bossk to block him and get behind him next turn. Inquisitor get pass Boba to eventually get behind Bossk. I think there is no shot this round, except for Boba on OL with no effect.

5th round, hard 2 with Palpy in Boba’s direction. Boba turn toward the shuttle, range 1. OL k-turn behind Bossk and Inqui turn in, also behind near the flank of Bossk. Bossk bank or hard turn in Inqui’s direction (can’t remember). Bossk shot at Inqui and may have done 1 shield, but maybe not. I hit hard with OL and Inqui on Bossk, Boba get some shield of the shuttle and Palpy kill Boba with a range 1 attack! Yahoo!

From now on, OL and Inqui are behind Bossk and 1 or 2 turns later, Bossk is dead.

All went as planned and all I lost was Wampa + half the shuttle.

Win : 100 -28


5th game vs Jonathan Houle

Scimitar Squadron Pilot + Long-Range Scanners

Scimitar Squadron Pilot + Long-Range Scanners

Colonel Vessery + Veteran Instincts + TIE/x7

Carnor Jax + Push the Limit + Autothrusters + Stealth Device + Royal Guard TIE

100 pts


I know Jonathan from Facebook, but never met him. We were both happy to finally meet so we chat a little before the game begins. Very nice guy!

So, the scimitars are only there to give the TL for Vessery, but Vessery doesn’t have the double tap title, which means easier for me to evade. The real threat here is Carnor.

We both have 2 PS8 ship and at 100 pts, so the 1st roll of the game, for initiative, will be crucial. I win it! YES! So, I give him initiative.

He setup his Scimitars in a corner to my right, I setup Palpy + Wampa in 1/3 to the right. He setup Vessery behind the bomber and Cornor in the middle. I put Inqui in my left corner and OL at 1/3 left.

1st round, he 4 fwr with the bomber and Vessery and TL Wampa and OL (I think). I fortress with Palpy + Wampa. He turns Carnor to my left, in Inqui + OL direction. I slow play both of them. Is he trying to bait me with Carnor or he really goes in?

2e round, he 4 fwr the bomber again and 3 bank in Vessery. Can’t remember if I broke my fortress here, probably not. Carnor really pushes in at Inqui and OL direction and PTL in a way that he won’t be able to run away if he was baiting like I 1st tough because of a rock. I push Inqui and OL in Carnor’s direction.

3rd round, the bombers continue their path toward my right corner to eventually begin turning around the asteroid in the corner. 3 fwr with the shuttle and I send Wampa in their direction, more as a bait than a threat, to occupy those bombers for as long as I can.  Jonathan just see his big mistake with Carnor. So he just banks toward my ships, tokens up and pray! He turns Vessery in hoping for a rescue for Carnor. I rush with Inqui and OL in Carnor direction with 5 and 4  fwr and both get TL on him. I can hear Carnor’s tough : “What the hell am I doing here? Both of those ship will just ignore my AT and one of them will just laugh at my tokens!”. Well, that’s what happen! Carnor and Vessery couldn’t hit anything. OL roll 2 natural crits and Carnor roll only 1 natural evade that I juke! OUCH! PS0 crit and Weapon failure. Wampa did 1 hull on a bomber.

4th round, Carnor has 2 choices. Try to block the Inquisitor and hit him hard with Vessery or run away. Jonathan choose the second option with 4 fwr in Palpy’s direction + boost and BR and hope to arc dodge him. The bombers turn around the rock. Palpy banks  in Carnor’s direction, but not in arc. Wampa k-turn out of arc of 1 of the bomber. Vessery 3 fwr in Inquis and OL direction. I hard turn 3 right with OL and get behind Vessery by 2-3mm. I change my TL on him. I didn’t wanted to get my Inqui blocked by Carnor and get attacked by Vessery, so I 4 fwr and boost right. No real shot this turn except for 1 bomber and Wampa. Not sure if any dmg were done there.

5th round, Carnor banks and token up. 1 bomber 5 k-turn, the other bank 1. Palpy hard turn 2 in bomber’s direction. Wampa 5 fwr to get Carnor in arc. Vessery 4 k-turn. OL s-loop and Inqui hard turn in Vessery’s direction. This is the beginning of the end! Vessery just can’t hit OL and OL and Inqui begin to hammer Vessery. Palpatine turn 1 dice to a crit for Wampa and vaporise Carnor. Palpy begins to hit on the bomber.

From now on, he couldn’t do anything. I just crush him for the rest of the game! That game was brutal. Sorry Jonathan… (or not, mouhahahaha)

Win : 100 -0


30 min left before the end of the round, lunch time!


6th and last game of Swiss vs Kevin Belisle

The Inquisitor + Push the Limit + Tie/v1 + Autothrusters + Proton Rockets

Omicron Group Pilot + Emperor Palpatine

Soontir Fel + Push the Limit + Autothrusters + Stealth Device + Royal Guard TIE

98 pts

Great, a real Palp aces, the 1st I encounter in this tournament. Kevin is a great player in the Quebec region and we are the only ones with 5 victory. So, that game will be super hard, but we also figured out that we will both make the cut, so no real pressure, just a cool and nice game for us! And yeah, no ID!

He, of course, gives me the initiative. I do my usual setup, Palpy and Wampa in 1/3 right, Inqui in left section and OL 1/3 left. He setup his Palpy in my right corner with the Inquisitor next to it and Fel in the opposite corner at 45 degree.

I already know he will fortress his Palpy and Inqui and bait with Fel. Classic but effective strategies. So, I fortress Palpy and Wampa too and slow play my aces. He fortress as expected and banks in Fel, near the board edge in my direction.

Next 2 turns, we  both fortress again and I rush Inqui in the middle of the board and slow play OL in Fel’s direction. Kevin rushes Fel fwr and boost/or BR in a way that he clearly won’t bait and can’t escape as expected. That is really strange and I must say, very fortunate for me. His Palpy and Inqui are SOOO far away and I can put all of my ships on Fel.

And that’s what happened. I turn in all my ships in Fel’s direction with TL for OL and Inquisitor + a shot for Wampa. All Kevin could do is token up and pray!

I killed Fel that turn with OL + Wampa. The rest is just a walk in a forest. Wampa killed the Inquisitor in 2 rounds, with me blocking his Inquisitor with OL or my Inquisitor. Easy win!

That was the easiest and fastest game of all the tournament! I just couldn’t believe that Kevin just gave me Fel like that! At least, he learned something very important in this match.

We laughed a lot in this game. The outcome was not very important, it was very casual.


Win : 100 -0


So, I’m 1st of Swiss (yeah!) with a score  of 30, MoV 1070.

Time for TOP 8.


TOP 8 vs Yan-Simon Martel Lussier

Manaroo + Push the Limit + Recon Specialist + Unhinged Astromech + Feedback Array + Engine Upgrade

Dengar + Lone Wolf + Plasma Torpedoes + Zuckuss + R5-P8 + Glitterstim + Counter-Measures + Punishing One

99 pts

The Dengaroo! Ouch, my nightmare! I know what to do, ignore Dengar and kill Manaroo. Easier to say than done… And this one will be very hard because of the pain bot.

He gives me the initiative, so I could not block Manaroo with Wampa.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember all the manoeuvres in details, so I will write the general facts and feeling. One of the things I remember is that my dice were cold as hell. I don’t care or get frustrated when it happens, but an entire game? The TL for my Inquisitor was totally useless. Every time I reroll, I get blanks. I even got a Range 1 shot with OL on Manaroo that could easily killed her (1 hull left) and blanked. Well, I’ll stop complaining here, but all I could say is that it took me way more turns than expected to finally kill Manaroo. It cost me OL and Wampa and some shield on Inquisitor.

So, I have my Palpy making his way back after running away, with 1 or 2 shields off and the Inquisitor is working on Dengar. Dengar eventually killed the Inquisitor and all is left is my shullte and Dengar with 3 hull left. *sigh* I can’t win this one. That is very hard on my morale, but I’m very proud to have made the TOP 8. I’m ready to concede when a voice in my head said : “Don’t give up yet. Play the game until the end. You have worked so hard and travel so far! Don’t concede! Play the game until the end! At least, give your opponent the satisfaction of getting through your entire list.” I almost said to Yan I give up, but instead I told him : Alright, I’ll play until the very end!

Strangely, I was in a good position with the shuttle, near his board edge in the middle turning in the middle of the map and Dengar was in my left corner with no real options because of rock. I know I can make 1 engagement. So I rush with the shuttle to try to get Dengar. On the last turn, I bank 2 + focus and Yan has 2 choices. Keep running in the right corner and engage next turn with a very small possibility for him to get the shuttle in his arc for a double tap or hard turn and have a face to face at range 3. He did the second option (I would have done the same). Now, without any focus and only LW, Dengar is less scarier now. He roll a total of 1 hit that get in, thanks to Zuckuss, so -1 shield on Palpy. I keep Palpatine for my attack. I roll a classic hit/focus/blank. Palpatine the blank for a crit and use my focus. Now, all I need is him to roll is 3 focus, right? Right!?!?! Hahaha no chance…

And suddenly, all of the bad luck I got from this match turn and he rolled exactly 3 focus, no LW… WHAT!?!???!?! YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

I exploded with a scream of joy and happiness! I just can’t believe that! That little voice in my head… could it be… the Force???… hahaha just kidding!

Of all my games that day, this one was the most tough and memorable one.

Win : 100 – 71


TOP 4 vs Pierre-Yves Duval

So, we face again. Pierre-Yves is not very happy to see me because he knows my list is brutal vs his. Long story short, our 2 games are mixed up in my head. All I remember is that this time, Pierre-Yves did better and won the choice of initiative and gave it to me, so I won’t be able to block Manaroo with Wampa. He kept Kaato in the back to ensure all his ship has a focus (good idea), but I eventually killed him, then Manaroo and finish Dengar. Cant’ remember if I lost Wampa or only half dmg on Palpy.

Still, always a pleasure to play Pierre-Yves, games with him are so fun!

Win 100 -14


FINAL vs Peter Lavoie Massicotte

The Inquisitor + Push the Limit + Autothrusters + Tie/v1

Soontir Fel + Push the Limit + Autothrusters + Stealth Device + Royal Guard TIE

Omicron Group Pilot + Sensor Jammer + Emperor Palpatine

99 pts

A side note before I write about the game, we had to leave the conference room at 10h pm max and it was 9h30 pm. Fortunately, the store that organised the regional was at less than 10 min of walking. We help gather everything and walk our way to the store. Close to the store in question, I realise that I forgot my map in the conference room! We drop all the stuff we were carrying in the store and one of the TO walk back with me to get my map. Long story short, it took us about 30 min to get back.

So, when we begin the game around 10h20, I’m super awake and my brain is working at full speed because of this forced extra exercise. I can’t tell for Peter, but waiting for 30 min on a chair surely got him a bit more sleepy than me!

So, even with 8 games in my back, I felt 100% operational.

So, the game :

The Howard aces! A very solid and effective list flown by a very competitive player. Peter play X-Wing for now around a year and he climbed the hill of improvement very quickly. He is a fierce and very competitive player, not to be taken lightly. We are both from Montreal region, so who ever wins, it’s going to be a slap in the face of Quebec region!

He of course gives me the initiative. My best ships against him is OL and Wampa, so I need to keep them alive. I decide that the 1st ship I need to kill is the Inquisitor for 2 reasons. I only need 2 shots with Wampa and I think that OL’s TL is better place on him. Fel has no reroll, only a focus and Palpatine. At range 1, he’s better, but at range 2 and 3, the Inquisitor is better. My Inquisitor will be used as bait and blocker.

I setup as usual, Palpy and Wampa in the right section at 1/3 of the edge. He places his shuttle in the upper left corner at 45 degree. I setup OL and Inquisitor in the right corner, behind my shuttle and he setup both his ships near his shuttle.

I fortress with Palpy and Wampa, he surprisingly bank in with the shuttle toward my side. I push 5 fwr + boost with my Inquisitor and turn left with OL. He slowing advance with both of his aces, engaging though the middle.

The bait with Inqui eventually works out, but almost to my doom. Sometime, that 5 fwr + boost are not enough…. I tried to pass behind them with my Inquisitor, expecting his Fel to rush more for him. Instead, he slow play both of his aces, but need to boost + BR with Inqui to get a shot, but unfortunatly only a boost for Fel. He rolled 4 hit/cits with Fel with the use of a focus + Palpatine. I used my evade token + Palpatine for 1 shield dmg and I evaded his Inqui shot. His ace are now facing the upper right corner, so my trap is closing, OL and Wampa are in the middle, waiting for that, with my shuttle behind them!

He turns in the shuttle with a hard 2 to begin shooting at my shuttle that is near the middle of the board. Wampa and OL get in position in hope to have the Inquisitor in arc. I bank 1 with Inquisitor and turtle up, knowing that if his Inquisitor chase him, he’ll bump. He flies his aces away from the Inquisitor, to the right, trying to escape the trap. Fel boost + BR out of all arc but so close to a rock, that I’m not even sure a hard 1 could clear the rock next turn and he is stressed. As for his Inquisitor, he can’t escape Wampa’s arc, but OL yes. So, 1 hull dmg from Wampa on the Inquisitor and Fel + his shuttle strip some shields off my Palpy.

Next turn, I realise that I could possibly block Fel with my shuttle on that rock he is so close. I bank 2 on it (was hoping to be ok) and looked at the face of Peter to know if I guessed right. No emotion… hum… oh well. He pushed foward his shuttle toward mine. I banked Wampa and OL to try and catch the Inquisitor, as mine begin to chase on his Palpy. I made a little mistake here. I TL his Palpy and then was debating on PTL focus or boost fwr. If I boost, I get a unobstructed shot and a better position for next turn because of a little rock near him, but a focus could be better for the attack. I choose to boost for better position and 1 fewer green dice on Palpy, but completely forgot about his Sensor Jammer. His Inquisitor manage to get out of arc of Wampa and OL with a combo of boost and BR and Fel get blocked by my shuttle on the rock! Ah! A real poker face that Peter! He told me after that he wished very hard I would not do that! He use Palpatine to cancel the hit from the rock.

So, no shot for me, except Inquisitor on the shuttle and do 1 shield. Not really the round I expected.

Next turn, I think by hard turning right my shuttle onto the same rock I’m on, I will block the predictable 4 fwr of his Inquisitor. So, I turn and pray. I hard turn again Wampa and OL and hope that the block works out and get his Inquisitor. My Inquisitor get behind his shuttle. His Inquisitor manage to just squeeze my 1mm my shuttle with his 4 fwr and escape Wampa! ARGH! Fel passed on the rock with a 5 k-turn and he used Palpatine again to avoid dmg. He do more dmg on my shuttle with his own + Fel as I do with my Inquisitor.

Next turn, Peter manage to kill my shuttle with Fel. So, no more Palpatine for Wampa, this is now a big problem for me. I continue working on his shuttle with my Inquisitor and try to get his Inquisitor with OL and Wampa, again.

The next turn, I finally get his Inquisitor in Wampa’s arc and rolled a natural crit! Oh yeah! Lucky shot! One ace down, his Palpy is almost dead and I got all my ship except my shuttle. The advantage is mine again!

There is a turn where to avoid OL and Wampa arc, he boost/BR Fel so close to a rock that the next turn, he had no choice but to go through. I think he had to use Palpatine again to avoid that dmg and he still manage to be just between OL and Wampa arc. But I killed his shuttle that round with a natural crit from Wampa. So, Fel is now all alone.

Next turn, he k-turn 5 and OL has a shoot on him! YEAH finally! I land 2 hit on him and next turn, Wampa roll a natural crit on Fel!

That’s it! Wampa save the day with 3 naturals crits this game!

Peter tried to get rid of Palpy first, so that Wampa will be less scarier. He succeed in that and I found that it was a good strategies. But, natural crit happen, and OL is very strong vs aces. Should he had gone for Wampa 1st and accept maybe 1 hit on the Inquisitor? Who knows?

For certain, that game was tough and intense. It was a real ballet of skill, BR and boost.

And so I won the Quebec Regional! I’m very happy and proud! I now have a reserved spot for World and I do intend to be there.

I want to thank all of my opponents. They were super friendly and pleasant.

Thanks to “Boutique le Donjon” for the organisation of this great and flawless event.

Thanks to Kevin Anctil and Max Dubois, our TO, for this amazing day!

And finally, thank you for reading. I know it was a long story. I hope you enjoyed it!


Remi Dumais



4 thoughts on “The road to win the Quebec Regional”

  1. Congrats Remi! it was nice briefly meeting you in Toronto, too bad we didn’t get to face each other. I like your list, I ran the exact same list last year in the TC Open, and had great success with it as well. Hopefully I’ll see you at Canadian nationals in September!

    1. Thx you! Yes, I remember you when I was chating with Mr. DarthDane (James). Unfortunatly, I won’t go to Toronto. I’m saving $$$ for World!

  2. Nicely done, Remi.

    You’ll remember me from Toronto Regionals, somewhere in the middle of the Swiss pool.

    It was this list vs my Echo/Omega Leader/Palpatine.

    That was a terrific match to play, and you flew well. Alas, after one of our meta-mates here really made me hate Wampa with extreme prejudice, so the dark side was definitely with me as my hate for Wampa gave me the strength to win by basically his points in the match.

    You’re a true gentleman, good sir. I used to hear stories about the Ottawa/Quebec players from our humble webmaster here, and I’ve gotten the chance to not only meet but play against your meta and it’s just been a real joy.

    I often say with pride that our Toronto area meta is made up of the best people to get to know and game with, which I still believe, but your group is that close second, probably on some kind of strength of schedule technicality or something.

    1. Thx good sir, I remember our game. I really got crushed there LOL! I think you out flew me like a real Sith lord! 😀 Hope to play with you again someday for a revenge hehehehe!

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