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Ever since he was added into the game in wave 2, Soontir Fel has been one of the most popular pilots, possibly the most popular pilot in the Empire, and its not very difficult to see why that is.

That red stripe could be using the blood of his victims. He has enough of them
That red stripe could be from the blood of his victims. He has enough of them

He’s the faction’s only PS 9 that isn’t in a TIE Advanced, flies a ship that takes full advantage of his high PS, and can be built within a variable range of point totals, especially since Imperial Aces really expanded the options he had with the Royal Guard TIE upgrade.

Could you imagine of Soontir was actually force sensitive like the Royal Guard? Rebellion cancelled!
Could you imagine of Soontir was actually force sensitive like the Royal Guard? Rebellion cancelled!

If you want to be stealthy, have extra hull, a shield or a targeting computer, why not have two of the above, or add in the upcoming auto thrusters upgrade? One thing people agree on though is that Soontir needs his EPT to be push the limit.

To be fair, its also standard on all Interceptor and A-Wing pilots as well.
To be fair, its also standard on all Interceptor and A-Wing pilots as well.

However, I felt it was needed to give Soontir a chance with Experimental Interface, freeing up his EPT, and still leaving a modification slot open using Royal Guard TIE.

Trap detection sold separately.
Trap detection sold separately.

Now, I knew this limited me to choosing an Elite Pilot Talent card which had the ‘Action:‘ header, since no modifications that are currently out have that option (keep in mind, I said currently out). I looked at my choices, and decided to go for squad leader.

Well, he was a squad leader in the lore. Hopefully his wingman won't take him out.
He was a squad leader in the lore, but hopefully he never had a wingman take him out.

Okay, so Soontir preforms any action in his action bar, gives a friendly ship an action, takes a stress and a focus token, and as usual, can preform a green maneuver and repeat. Simple. I was also going to try out the decimator this this game for the first time, so this was my list for a couple games against a friend:

Soontir Fel

•Squad leader

•Experimental Interface

•Royal Guard Tie

•Shield Upgrade

Commander Kenkirk


•Mara Jade

•Ysanne Isard


•Engine Upgrade

There's a Star Trek joke in here somewhere. I'll let you figure it out
There’s a Star Trek joke in here somewhere. I’ll let you figure it out.

Yeah, I loaded up on the Decimator.

So in both games, I found out the following:

-PS 9 is a lot greater than PS 6 when deciding if you need to boost or not

-Keeping these two within range 1-2 of each other is hard

-That said, when they are together, its amazing

-If you can’t keep them together, Soontir is stuck with one action and no chance of using his ability except off of a k-turn. In this situation, he dies easily

-That decimator load out is awesome

-Experimental interface’s ‘Action:‘ header can be used to flip over certain crits

Basically in both games Soontir was really annoying when he was on the board, and drew about as much aggro as he could, but ended up biting it. Although the decimator was noticeably less effective without the extra actions, it was still able to carry me to victory.

I believe that Experimental Interface and Squad Leader on Soontir could work, in the right list. I for example would like to try out:

Soontir Fel

•Squad leader

•Experimental Interface

•Royal Guard Tie

•Targeting Computer

Black Squadron Pilot x2


Black Squadron Pilot x2


Kenkirk built in this way could also produce results with a more solo minded ship (such as a traditional Soontir or other interceptor, a bare-bones whisper or echo, a defender, a firespray or 2-3 lesser ships).

In the end, although the combo that I wanted to take out for a spin didn’t work as well as I thought it could have, I’m glad I learned what it did and will try components of this list later on.

May the force be with you, pilot.



9 thoughts on “Unorthodox Soontir”

  1. Wow… just wow. I really like this idea. I’m a little jealous that I didn’t see it myself!

    I would look to go with either Daredevil or Expert Handling for maneuverability or Marksmanship for offence. All 3 of these do not require interaction with another ship. Each presents very interesting possibilities:

    Daredevil: The ability to do a Hard 1 after you move can not be underestimated. You can literally turn around and end up in nearly the same spot you started in facing the other way (barrel roll and DD). Amazing. With boost you could turn 225 degrees!

    Expert Handling: Barrel roll AND you drop a TL. So this gives you the ability to be highly maneuverable anyway (since roll is on your list of actions normally), makes you nearly ordinance proof, and allows you the protection of dropping, arguably, the best offensive modifier in the game… Every round. The only issue being, you have to roll every round.

    Marksmanship: Offensive focus, crit enabler, and you keep your focus for defense. Not as amazing as the other 2, since you can double focus anyway, but getting a crit each attack will add up over the log run. The issue here, you limit yourself to 1 movement option, boost or roll.

    Personally, I’d probably look to run Fel with interface, handling and the auto-boosters when available.

    Fantastic article.



    1. Great article! Soontir Fel has quickly become my favorite pilot. Anything about this pilot gets my attention. And n3ctaris is bang on. I feel like his piloting skills is one of his best qualities.

    2. Thanks for the feedback. What really caught my attention in your post was daredevil, as I have used that on Tycho before to good effect. What scared me before I wrote the article, was that both DD and EI give stress, but if you have a friendly unit with Wingman nearby, you can clear one with that. Two stress also means you’re getting two focus tokens, and in some situations, just using DD and no other action might be your best option. A few BSPs each with wingman along with Soontir built like how you said? Now I’m curious to see how that preforms.

      1. Only DD gives out stress to Fel, EI gives stress if you don’t have roll.

        I really like the EI choice more and more… removing TL is quite powerful.

        1. With EI I was referring to experimental interface, I think you are referring to expert handling (which I agree is worth a look on Soontir)

  2. Good job thinking outside of the box Agent V! I’ve always thought of Vader as the Squad Leader guy for Imperials. Let’s compare similar builds:

    Soontir (27), Squad Leader (2), Experimental Interface (3)

    Vader (29), Squad Leader (2), Experimental Interface (3)

    They both end up with 3 actions and a stress.

    Soontir -> action bar -> Squad Leader -> stressed ship -> free focus
    Vader -> action bar -> action bar -> Squad Leader -> stressed ship

    Vader costs more by 2 points, has a little bit more flexibility with his two actions but cannot shake stress anywhere as well as Soontir. On the plus side Vader is more durable. However, he is more predictable in his movement options and has less attack power. Is that worth 2 extra points?

    If we compare the traditional wave 1 Squad Leader of Vader for 31 points (1 point less than your Soontir build) we get:

    Vader (29), Squad Leader (2)

    Vader is never stressed, is unpredictable and has a better endgame.

    The big problem is that he only comes with 2 attack dice and is currently over priced by about 3-4 points. Pretty interesting using Soontir that way!

  3. Some cool ideas here. I’m not sure I’d go the ExpInt/Squad Leader route, though, because it breaks down when Soontir is alone (either due to its range restriction or destruction of friendlies), and often Soontir wants to Boost + Barrel Roll. I don’t like paying 2 more points for Expert Handling when I could just use PtL instead. Similarly for Marksmanship vs. Focus… if Soontir wants more attack power, go PtL + Targeting Computer.

    One other thing: I don’t think Experimental Interface allows your second action to be used on a damage card because it specifically says “on an equipped Upgrade card”, and damage isn’t an equipped upgrade. Of course, you can do a damage card’s “Action:”, then use Experimental Interface (or Push the Limit) for a second action as long as it meets the restrictions (either on an upgrade or your bar, respectively).

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