What’s it’s like to lose to R2-EQ

First let me introduce myself. I go by Vuud on the Forums and am from Ottawa/Gatineau. I have been playing X-Wing since it was released back in 2012. When wave 2 came out, I won my first tournament at a Kessel Run event. I then played in the 2013 Regionals which were being held in Montreal. A big total of 6 players showed up! I finished second running dual HLC Firesprays along with Howlrunner. Then I didn’t play until Gen Con 2013. Even though I played like a newb I made it to the Top 4 using the same outdated squad from Regionals. At that time, there was not much of a community here in Ottawa/Gatineau. With the help of Jeffrey Dunford (whom I traveled with to Gen Con), Erik Pichette and Jean Latreille, we started a series of tournaments we called Trench Runs using the Wave 3 ships we brought back from Gen Con as prizes. Our community was kickstarted in style!

In 2014, we were awarded a X-Wing regional over at the FDB Store. I believe around 28 people showed up for our Regional. That’s where I first met this blond guy, Grish (R2-EQ on the Forums). I was having a good day with my Phantom squad, winning every match until the last round, where I faced R2-EQ. That’s where my troubles begin. He introduced himself, and offered me Lindt chocolate before the match. He also brought nice custom made LED tables to the Regional. Later he sold one to the store owner, nice!

So Grish is playing his squad with Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, C-3P0, Engine Upgrade, Predator and 3 Zs (which is now famous and known as Super Han and he calls it Zuper Han). I tell him I don’t remember ever seeing the Luke Skywalker Crew card in a game before and tell myself, it should not be too hard to kill Han Solo… He then proceed to completely destroy me. Oh well, tough luck, I still made top 8.

I then win my top 8 match only to end up in the top 4, playing against R2-EQ again! I accused him of befriending me and tricking me into believing we were buddies during our last match. This time around, I told him I won’t fall for his trap and refused those delicious chocolates he offered. The end results were the same… what a friend he was… Grish proceeded to win OUR regional and take the trophy back home to Toronto!

Gatineau Regional 2014
Gatineau Regional 2014


The next regional was in Kingston, where we met again. I was still playing Whisper, but I brought 3 bombers loaded with Concussion missiles just for Han! Unfortunately, my play didn’t allow me to make top 8, finishing with a record of 4-2 and missing the top 8 on tie breakers.

R2-EQ made it to the top 4, where Rick Sidebotham (the winner of Gen Con and the Regional), defeated him by points. We finish this off with a good beer which confirmed to me that R2-EQ is a great guy, even if he’s from Toronto (I am a Montreal Canadians fan, and we hate the maple leafs, what a bunch of losers).

Having a beer with the Kingston Regional players 2014


Next up was the Canadian X-Wing Nationals in Hamilton. I was certain that R2-EQ would be there, playing his usual Super Han squad. The evening before the event, I was playtesting a squad with Boba and Whisper only to find out I couldn’t fly it properly.

So I settled on a squad, completely ignoring if it was good against Phantoms, and only caring that it should be able to kill Super Han handily. I played 4 Blues with FCS along with Jan Ors Crew in one of them. I made the top 8 and who do I face in that first elimination round? Yup, R2-EQ with his Super Han build. Finally I thought to myself, I will get my revenge!

IMG_4036 cropped
Setting my dial playing R2-EQ’s Zuper Han at Nationals


This time, before the match he offered me fruit wedges instead of chocolates. I was so confident in my squad that I gladly accepted. We set up and began. I proceed to go for a little joust with the Zs. Everything was going as expected and I am all lined up to obliterate them until Han Solo shows up.

“Screw the plan, let’s go after Han!” I said to myself. What a dumb move that turned out to be. I have no idea why I decided to do that. Han just ran away boosting and I ended up with nothing to shoot at while I could have just got rid of the Zs, who then proceeded to inflict great pain on my B-Wings.

IMG_4037 cropped
Han, Fruits and my B-Wings


I lost again…. to R2-EQ… The title could have been mine if I didn’t play so dumb. Jeff wins with dual falcons? Easy match. Ron’s BBBBZ squad? I have an edge by having initiative and Fire control system. In the end though, R2-EQ is still a great guy even if I always lose to him! Good job buddy! Very nice Website! Will see you in 2015!

The Top 8 at Canadian Nationals



5 thoughts on “What’s it’s like to lose to R2-EQ”

  1. Well played swarms are always a challenge for Han. You had the right idea until you chose to ignore the Zeds! When you chased Han and he did the 3 turn + boost, that was the mistake that cost you the game. Had you stayed on target, you could have removed my Zeds off the board but instead you had no shots and the Zeds chewed you up at range 1. Before that, the game was yours for the taking!

    I did something similar in my next game versus Ron. I bumped my Han with my own Zeds even though I knew it would be too close to call and later on ran into his B-Wings with my Han instead of running away. I played like a newb! I’m still kicking myself for giving away the game like that.

    Sometimes we over think things and/or get tired after playing all day. I feel your pain Vuud, loosing when making dumb moves sucks the most. I’d rather play the perfect game and loose to hot dice or 50/50 judgement calls any day. Loosing to self inflicted dumbness is painful. If feel your pain!

    Still, it’s always fun to play good guys. In our community there are tons of them, and you’re one of the most fun to play against for sure my friend 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words and the memories this article brought back. It was a pleasure to read!

  2. Excellent article! I’ve been wondering if/when you’d write this.

    I’ve only racked up 2 losses to the (in)famous R2-EQ, both at the 2014 Ontario Regionals in Kingston… What a guy… offering performance-affecting chocolate and poisoned fruit… getting in his opponents’ heads by always pretending to be friendly before wiping the board of your ships… 😉

    Looking forward to future episodes in this epic battle:
    * Vuud Strikes Back
    * Return of the R2-EQ

    Do we have info on what stores are holding Regionals in 2015?

    1. Thanks for letting the secret out champ. Now that everyone knows what I’m up to, I’ll have stop lacing my game treats with drugs. Damn, it was such a good idea too!

      I’m due for a good beating from you guys. Anything can happen in a 1 game playoff vs a 7 game series. My run was thanks to a strong meta list and some luck.

      As far as regionals, no info yet. I haven’t even seen the kits for them. Kingston seems like a fair meeting point for Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. As I said to Vuud, wish you guys lived closer so we could game more often.

  3. Great article about an innovator. Although his build is so solid everyone wants to use it! I want to beat it! I shudder at the thought of a World’s full of Zuper Hans battling it out! Kidding. It’s all in good fun. He gave me a great tip. Fly what makes you have fun. Hopefully see you guys at world’s with the Grish designed Sooper Fett!

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