Win Like Flint’s: Or How I Learned to Love Not Rolling Green Dice

I recently had come off of some disappointing losses at some major tournaments and like most people I put part of the blame on my green dice. I realize that the odds of successfully rolling a blank on an 8-sided x-wing die are 37.5 :1 (Never tell me the odds!), but that rarely seems the case for me. In one game where I actually kept track, I rolled one evade and two focuses on 19 consecutive green dice rolls!

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I had a great discussion with my friend Tony “The Professor” Brijeski who had just won Store Wars with an original list that was well designed to face this current meta. I decided to tell him my troubles with green dice and he suggested I simply stop rolling green dice. How, you may ask? Use this list:

Rear Admiral Chiraneau + Veteran Instincts + Darth Vader (50 pts)
Captain Oicunn + Predator + Gunner (50 pts)


He knows I usually fly the Decimator, but at first I thought that flying two was nuts. Surely this list will get eaten alive by a swarm, or brobots? Luckily I was able to avoid playing against those lists in this tournament.

Let me start by saying that this list is not for the faint of heart. The matches do not last long. You can see by the scores that my matches were all quite close, although some were closer than others. This list has excellent firepower and is quite durable, but you have to be comfortable NOT rolling green dice.

So I took the list to the Store Championship at Flint’s in Kitchener, Ontario. As some of you already know, I’m not big on the minutia of game reports. So instead of including all of the details, I’ll include the number of green dice I rolled.

Swiss Round 1- Matt.
Blue Novice X-wing + R2D2
Gold Squadron Y-wing + TLT
Prototype Pilot A-wing+ Chardaan Refit
Keyan Farlander B-wing

Win 100-50 (green dice rolled = 3)


Swiss Round 2 – Nick.
Soontir Fel Interceptor + royal guard title + stealth device + autothrusters + push the limit
Carnor Jax Interceptor + royal guard title+ stealth device + autothrusters + push the limit
Turr Phenir Interceptor + royal guard title + autothrusters + targeting computer + veteran instincts

Win 100-75 (total green dice rolled = 1)


Swiss Round 3 – Darryl.
2 x Blue squadron B-wings + heavy laser cannon + fire control system
Jan Ors HWK + moldy crow title + swarm tactics + kyle katarn + blaster turret


Win 100-50 (total green dice rolled = 2 at the same time)


Swiss Round 4 – Tristan
2 x Warden Squadron K-wing + TLT + tactician
Poe Dameron X-wing + push the limit + BB8+ autothrusters

Win 100-75 (total green dice rolled = 2)

So I finished the Swiss rounds 4-0! I’ve only done this one other time, so I was a bit excited.

deci top 8


Semifinal Round – Dwayne.
2 x Gold Squadron Y-wing + TLT
Prototype A-wing + Chardaan Refit
Ten Numb B-wing + mangler cannon + fire control system

Win 100-50 (green dice rolled = 2 at the same time)


Final Round – Shereef.
Echo Phantom + fire control system + advanced cloaking device + recon specialist
Commander Colzet Advanced + Tie Advanced title + accuracy corrector
Soontir Fel Interceptor + Royal Guard title + autothrusters + targeting computer + push the limit

Win 100-75 (Green dice rolled = 1)

deci vij

Speaking of Flint’s. This is a newer store with some great staff, excellent play space, and amazing prices and selection. They hold x-wing tournaments on Sundays, so I will definitely be back soon. The tournament organizer ran a very well organized tournament, one of the best I’ve seen. Furthermore, the atmosphere was one that would make a person want to play there (free pizza lunch!). There were a number of local players there that play weekly as well. I can honestly say that I wish that more tournaments were like that. It felt more like a fun conference of X-wing delegates as opposed to a competitive tournament. My kind of atmosphere!


12 thoughts on “Win Like Flint’s: Or How I Learned to Love Not Rolling Green Dice”

  1. Takes a lot of guts to fly that list. Facing an Assault Proton Torpedo would give me a heart attack.

    Congrats on the win and great to hear how well Flint’s treats the players!

    1. Thanks! Having Oicunn at pilot skill 4 is sometimes challenging, otherwise there’s not really many choices for improvements that I think would really help too much. You can definitely make changes but I think it then means you would have to fly the list a lot differently.

      1. This list now has 2 Store Championships under its belt. I won the Phoenix Rising Store Championship with it. My games weren’t as close as yours. All but 1 of my wins was 100-50. The one that wasn’t was 100-25 win against Brobots B and C.

  2. Congrats, Fett. I’d have thought that the three Interceptors would have ripped you apart, but you pulled it off. Vader and gunner upgrades really help you out in that match?

    1. Funny that you say that. It was definitely my closest match. I almost lost. It doesn’t help that Nick uses interceptors like a surgeon would use a scalpel!

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