You came in here and you didn’t have a plan for getting out?

Most of the games I play, I don’t have much of a plan. I just go with the flow of the game, adjusting as the game progresses. Yet sometimes, having a plan and applying it will provide you with some real satisfaction. I started playing four B-Wings over at Nationals losing in the Top 8 to Grish by not adhering to my initial plan. Had I stayed true to it, the result could have been greatly different. What I did take away from Nationals was that I did like the challenge of playing the 4 Bs.

We are now in Store Championship Season. Wave 5 is out and it’s a real invasion of YT-2400’s and Decimators. Phantoms are surprisingly absent from our Meta, maybe because most players don’t know how to deal with all those turrets.

Our First Store Championship in Ottawa/Gatineau was held in January over at the Kessel Run Store in Orleans. I decided to give four B-Wings another try. Here’s the build:

  • Blue Squadron Pilot + FCS x 3
  • Blue Squadron Pilot + FCS + E2 + Jan Ors

The squad did well, finishing in the Top 4 of a 18 player tournament. However, my only loss came to Ken, who was playing a Cheebo squad, with Predator on both ships. He played perfectly during our match, having me chase him all across the map. I was never able to have my 4 ships focus fire on him. That game also exposed a weakness in the 4 Blues – they were very susceptible to Predator and got destroyed by it.

The next Store Championship was February 9th, at Wizard’s tower in Orleans. In an attempt to counter Predator, while still being able to chew down a pancake very quickly, I opted for this build:

  • Dagger Squadron Pilot + FCS x3
  • Blue Squadron Pilot

My thinking was, the Daggers should still give a good edge against BBBBZ and also would help against Predator. This time, it was 4 rounds of Swiss followed by a Top 4. In the last round of Swiss I played Ken who was still running the Cheebo squad that completely destroyed me last tournament.

With the help of Trevor, a regular top player over here, we discussed of a plan against Cheebo and this time around, the match was a very close one with me losing to Leebo who only had 3 hull left. The plan worked great till mid game, where I fell behind having to chase Leebo. Even with the loss, I still made Top 4. The top 4 match was against Trevor’s BBBBZ, and while he outplayed me mid game, some late game errors were his demise. I won with a full health Dagger still alive.

On to the finals and a rematch against Cheebo!

Notice the awesome mods on Ken’s ships, both have rotating turrets!

This time, I made a slight adjustment to the plan. One suggestion from Trevor that I kept was about the asteroid placement. Ken likes to position his ships in front of you if you deploy in the corners. He will then proceed to hard turn away and just keep you at distance, taking shots at your ship in the front.

So instead of placing asteroids at range 2 of his side, placing them at Range 2.5 would make it harder for him to simply hard turn right after them. The asteroid setup ended up perfect for me, most of them lined up on his side, leaving a big empty space on the right side of the map.

The final ships deployment positions were, my B-Wings in a pinwheel formation right in the middle, while Chewy and Leebo were positioned in the right end, facing each other.

First round had me moving the B-Wings 1 forward, then barrel rolling away to the left. Chewy and Leebo did 1 hard turns, lining them up to the right edge.

Second round was to soft 1 bank to the right followed by a barrel roll to the left. The plan was to cover the possibility that my opponent would hard turn like he usually liked to do. In this position, I would not be chasing them but rather going straight at them next round! My opponent opted to stay on the right side, moving 1 forward.


Round Three I 2 soft bank to the right. All the B-Wings now face the right side. If he hard turned (he still had space), all but one B-Wing would still be able to fire. If he went straight, he ends up exactly where I wanted him, in the corner. He did 4 straight, Chewy ending right in front of the 4 B-Wings. Ken blasts 5 shields off the front Dagger. My return fire was good, acquiring 3 targets locks on Chewy while stripping him of his shields and damaging his hull.


Round Four was perfect. I was able to position the shieldless Dagger in the front of Chewy, blocking him while standing in the Heavy Laser Cannon blind spot (“Donut”) of Leebo. In this position, not only would the Dagger not get shot down, he would have a range 1 shot at Leebo. Chewy survived the round with 1 hull left…


Fifth round was the end of Chewy. The dagger was still in the donut and Leebo was trapped in the corner. By the time Ken was able to get Leebo out of there, it was over. The plan worked perfectly. Only one B-Wing lost, and a trophy plate and regional bye in the pocket.

IMG_1978Thanks to Ken for the good games! Looking forward to play you again at the next Store Championship!




2 thoughts on “You came in here and you didn’t have a plan for getting out?”

  1. It’s neat to read how you adjusted your tactics, from switching to Daggers to asteroid placement. Congrats on your Store Championship (and getting those cool focus tokens!). Great pictures too!

    Interesting that there are no Phantom’s + Mini Swarms out there in Ottawa/Gatineau. I think that would be a fair counter to all the BBBBZ swarms and Decimator pancake love. We still have a few Phantom’s running around here in Toronto but not too many, mostly turrets.

    That being said, Scum is arriving to mess with the meta! We should have the new ships in just over a weeks time. I have a feeling you’ll be running Firesprays again Vuud…

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